Bucerius Institute: Two Manfred Lahnstein Short-Term Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The Bucerius Institute for Research of Contemporary German History and Society invites applications from Germany and Israel for two short-term post-doctoral fellowships valued at 10000 Euros each (minimum 3 months) for innovative research on 20th-century German history, culture, and society. One fellowship is intended for an Israeli postdoctoral scholar, the other for a German postdoctoral scholar, each of whom plans to finalize their research for an important publication and needs to gather archival materials for a book, a series of articles, or an important grant application. Each fellowship is meant to cover a three-month research stay in either Israel or Germany. The fellowship in Israel will be held at the Buscerius Institute (University of Haifa) under the mentorship of a Bucerius fellow. The fellowship in Germany will be held at a German academic institution, to be chosen by the Fellow. Candidates are expected to contact, in advance, their chosen institution in Germany to find a mentor.

Quelle: Uni Leipzig, Dez. 1, Dr. Anett Karl