DFG: Schwerpunktprogramm “New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences” (SPP 2431)

Short description: The programme aims to drive a surge in innovation by improving, enhancing and combining existing data infrastructures and emerging data sources to develop new data spaces for social science research. It will integrate and consolidate skills, knowledge and expertise from different fields of empirical social research and computer science and provide the means to test new methods and procedures of data generation and data analytics. Its objective is to develop best-practice examples of data generation, data collection and data integration to enhance data quality and to anchor innovations in existing panel studies, new data collection programmes and data analytic approaches. To achieve these objectives, the InfPP “New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences” invites project proposals in four main research areas: Exploration and Integration of Different Data Types (RA1), Respondent-Driven Designs (RA2), Instrument Validity (RA3), and Multimodal Data Acquisition (RA4).