MPG: Minerva-Stipendium

The Minerva Fellowship Programme enables Israeli and German scientists to complete a research residency at institutions in the respective other country. Minerva Fellowships are not only intended to promote research but also to strengthen the cultural and scientific exchange between Germany and Israel. Younger scientists (graduates and post docs) get the possibility to further their scientific background while they conduct a research project at their host institution in Israel or Germany. Selection criteria are: (1) high motivation, (2) scientific excellence, (3) scientifically promising and innovative research topic and (4) match with research profile of the host (institution). There are two possible fellowships: (1) Doctoral fellowships are granted for a maximum of 24 months. Exceptionally and under special circumstances, there is the possibility of extending them up to 12 months. (2) Post-doctoral fellowships are also granted for a maximum of 24 months. Extensions of post-doctoral scholarships are, however, principally not possible. The minimum funding period amounts to six months in both cases.

Quelle: Uni Leipzig, Dez. 1