MPG: Minerva Gentner-Symposien

The Minerva-Gentner Symposium is a format to bring together Israeli scientists with colleagues from Germany through conferences, workshops, etc. German-Israeli Minerva-Gentner Symposia are intended to enable scientific discourse, exchange of ideas and new interactions in a given field of research. Furthermore, the Symposia should initiate new collaborative efforts in fields that are highly innovative and not yet in the focus of German-Israeli cooperation. Minerva-Gentner Symposia may be conducted in all areas of research. A typical Minerva-Gentner Symposium has about 25-50 participants. The invited scientists should come from various institutions in Germany and Israel. A Minerva-Gentner Symposium can be funded with up to 30.000 Euro. The detailed proposal must be written in English.

Quelle: Uni Leipzig, Dez. 1